More focus on an enlightened choice of education

For the sake of increasing the enlightenment of children and young adults’ choice of education, Pressalit took part in the Hop-In week 2017.

On a national basis, only 18.5% of young adults in Denmark choose a vocational education. As a result, there is currently a large shortage of qualified skilled labour.

One of the causes behind this is that many children and young adults are not very well enlightened when it comes to which career options the different educations lead to. Therefore, they can gain a lot from visiting companies, where they can see what the different jobs actually imply.

In order to increase the number of young adults, who choose a vocational education, the Hop-In week was developed. During the Hop-In week, the students gain insights of the job and career opportunities that exist in the industry, amongst others by participating in company visits.

As the Hop-In project has turned out to be a success, Business Region Aarhus has chosen to introduce the Hop-In project in Skanderborg Municipality, where Pressalit is located. Therefore, Pressalit hosted a company visit for the students.

This year, the Hop-In week took place from week 44 to week 45 in Skanderborg Municipality. Here, 6th grade students had the chance to work together with Pressalit to solve a practical task, which is relevant to the students’ own everyday life.

The students built models of school toilets, which they would like to use themselves, in collaboration with Pressalit. In that connection, the students visited Pressalit and we offered them help with the construction of the toilet seats by our own experts on the field.

Today, the students presented the finished results of their toilet constructions in full-size for the mayor Jørgen Gaarde and some company representatives, including Mette Dyhl Prola and Holger Søe Plougaard from Pressalit, at Skanderborg continuation school’s facilities. Afterwards, the committee of the mayor and the representatives chose a winner. The selected group of winners was a team called Flush Master.

At Pressalit, we work with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which aim to ensure a sustainable development worldwide. Pressalit focuses on three SDGs, which are particularly relevant to Pressalit’s values. One of these SDG’s is #4 Quality Education, which is why it is relevant for Pressalit to take part in the Hop-In week. Pressalit aims to support high quality education and due to the lack of qualified skilled labour, Pressalit wants to contribute to solving this problem.

“At Pressalit, we find it vital that young adults get a broad picture of the business world and the many aspects it implies. We seek to contribute to giving young adults an informed ground for making their choice of education. In addition, we aim to ensure qualified labour for the job market now and on longer term in Denmark”, says Mette Dyhl Prola, Senior HR- and Marketing Director at Pressalit.