Flexibility in the home

Flexibility means comfort, independence and ergonomics.

When the room's design can be adapted to normal day to day activities, it means that:

  • you achieve a greater degree of independence day to day
  • carers (both professional and family members) achieve good working conditions
  • you and your family can live a completely normal life with as few restrictions as possible.

Flexibility in the bathroom

Flexibility in Pressalit Care's design system for bathrooms is based on horizontal and vertical wall brackets.

The wall brackets make it possible to fit e.g. a wash basin, shower seat and support arm at a height to suit your needs. The products can also be moved horizontally and so placed exactly where you need them.

Flexibility in the kitchen

Pressalit Care's height-adjustable kitchen has been developed with the aim of creating greater flexibility, so that both sitting and standing users achieve optimum working conditions. The lifting units fit most worktops and wall cupboards. They have a simple and timeless design, they are quick and easy to fit, and create increased functionality and flexibility in almost all contexts.

Flexibility in the nursing area

Nursing children and youngsters with disabilities can be cumbersome. That's why the minimum requirement for a changing table is that it is height-adjustable. It means you avoid back injuries for e.g. parents and staff.

Flexibility in the bathroom
Flexibility in the kitchen