Independent living

Better opportunities to manage in your own home.

The aim of helping towards independent living is to improve your opportunities to help yourself and improve your overall quality of life.

Help towards independent living symbolises a life where you are independent to a large degree, and where you can make a difference to your own life. This means fewer carers day to day or fewer situations where you need a helping hand from others.

Help with independent living is about design

More specifically, help with independent living means that if you adapt your home to your needs, much of your daily life will become easier. For example, in the kitchen you can do your own cooking, if you can fit your worktops and cupboards at a height to suit your needs.
You can also manage more things in the bathroom by yourself, as both facilities and products can be placed within easy reach according to your needs. 

You will feel more secure and independent in your own home if you provide an opportunity for independent living.

Learn to help yourself

A type of help with independence is to buy and install different facilities that can help and support you in your home.

There are also things that you can do yourself to make your home work for you and so that you gain independence. The design of your home should be so simple that getting around it is free from obstacles. Equally you should place necessities and other objects you use in your home where you have easy access to them, to minimise situations where you require help. 

We all have a right to an active life, which can be achieved through help with an independent living. Whether you are getting older, have reduced functional capacity or a disability, Pressalit Care supports you in retaining dignity in your daily life.
Independent living - the joy of gaining increased independence