Welfare technology

New technology makes your life easier.

Welfare technology is the term for personally adapted products and services that can help you in daily life. Denmark's future welfare is challenged by a high number of elderly and few young people, which requires new welfare solutions. Welfare technology is therefore a way of exploiting the technological progress, so you can receive more welfare. It is expected that you become more independent and that you achieve an improved quality of life.

Specifics on welfare technology

Welfare technology is user-oriented technology that gives you one or more welfare products and services. You should be involved in strengthening your safety, security, your daily activities and mobility in and outside the home. That's why welfare technology is mainly aimed at the elderly, at people with chronic diseases and people with different disabilities.

More specifically, welfare technology should make your daily life smoother by making it easier for you to solve problems such as rehabilitation, toilet visits, cooking or similar.

In Pressalit Care we have also created products that can help you in daily life. With your specific needs in mind, we have developed products that can help you become more independent day to day. For example, together with HTH we supplied an Indivo kitchen to a technology apartment in Odense Municipality, where you can see the facilities available. Another example is the Handicap organisations' house, which is the world's first and most accessible office block in Taastrup, Denmark. Pressalit Care was given the task of supplying products for the bathroom facilities.

Assistive technology - an example from the Technology apartment in Odense

The Indivo kitchen in the Technology apartment in Odense.